Specially designed alloy to extract broken screws and studs, welding hard-to-weld steels and other unidentified steels.

  • Manufactured with the latest technological components.
  • Special coating, it does not stick on the threads.
  • Highly resistant to cracking, corrosion and traction.
  • No weld splatter.
  • Does not produce lack of sidewall penetration in the heat-affected zone (HAZ).
  • 100% mechanizable, even in the HAZ, leaving a thin and polished surface.
  • Ideal for metal-to-metal friction in pinion and cogs reconstruction.
  • Excellent weldability, minimum amperage.
  • All position welding. Excellent re-start.
  • Before hardfacing matrixes and cutting tools, it can perfectly be used as cushion layer.
  • Contact welding AD/DC.

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