Just as welding techniques and knowledge are constantly evolving, today´s companies pursue profitability of both resources and processes that help advance and consolidate them.

We are convinced that training is an excellent tool that helps share knowledge, enable both the implementation of new technologies and welding procedures, offering new scenarios for personal and professional growth. We believe in customizing training. The reality of each customer, their expectations, their needs are different, so each training action must be planned to respond to specific needs.

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Talking about education and training requires studying and enhancing the competencies, as attitudes, behaviours, skills, etc., that professionals demonstrate in the performance of their duties.

To do this, in our ad hoc courses, we previously delineate the competencies that we want to develop, specific objectives to be achieved in order to be able to carry out an effective transfer of knowledge.

Our technical team qualified at the highest level is perfectly capable to develop and teach ad hoc courses on the following topics:

  • Basic welding course.
  • Dissimilars steels welding course.
  • Welding course: How to weld aluminium?
  • Torch welding course.
  • Course of Pulsed Arc Welding – TIG.
  • Course of Pulsed Arc Welding – MIG.
  • MIG-MAG welding course.
  • Welding Safety course.
  • Welding Defectology course.

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