It is a destructive test; the testing piece/sample is destroyed in order to obtain the necessary results. After destructive testing, the sample is no longer applicable for further use.

Bend Testing

applied to the weld bead to analyse its performance with the other materials to which has been fixed.

Impact Testing

are many types of tests to evaluate the behaviour of an impact weld bead, the most relevant being the Charpy.

Tensile Testing

One of the most used tests. It helps reveal properties in the material, such as resistance to deformation, stress-strain curve, tensile strenght, fracture deformation, Young’s modulus and ductility measures.


By metallography, the welding microstructure is studied, that is to say, the different phases of the metallic alloys are defined.

Hardness testing

It is the resistance capacity of metals to be penetrated. In welding, it is measured in the heat affected zone (HAZ).

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