We are a company with more than 29 years of solid experience, focused on the customer and with a strong emphasis on constant improvement and innovation.

As a result, we have been developing a range of special welding consumables, being leaders in quality and service.

Simultaneously, noticing the lubrication needs in companies, we have expanded our range of products with a line of special lubricants to provide a long service life and good functioning of machinery, reducing wear, repairs and downtime… Our long experience in many companies confirms the good performance and quality of our lubricants.

We are proud to be a close team with initiative, flexibility and focused on customers. We like to work as a team with our clients, being their baseline option.


Our customer comes first.

People who trust in our service are the reason for our work, which is why we solve the needs of our clients in an agile and effective way, overcoming any faced difficulty thanks to our highly qualified team.


We have a great sense of organization, working to achieve objectives as a team, promoting communication, respect and mutual support with the intention of continuing to grow day by day.

Social Responsability.

We comply with all current regulations and manage each activity with honesty and equal treatment, optimizing available resources and taking care of the environmental impact of the activities themselves.

We make a difference.

We keep informed and on a constant search for the highest level of technical excellence and quality in everything we do. We generate an impact on our teams, customers and environment through our actions.

Why choose ITARI?


We speak your language.
We like to be close to offer you the best service.


We identify, analyze and evaluate every detail to give a global response.


We are always connected to assist you as quickly as possible, 24 hours a day, every day of the year.


We extend the useful life of the equipment, our clients save and we protect the planet.


Pol. Artzabaltza, 3 Pab. 48-49 
20400 TOLOSA (Gipuzkoa) SPAIN

  • Mvl.: 666 401 254
  • Tlfno.: 943 65 56 35
  • Fax: 943 364 121
  • E-mail: itari@itarigroup.com


Pol. Artzabaltza, 3 Pab. 48-49
20400 TOLOSA (Gipuzkoa) SPAIN

  • Tlfno: 943 655 635
  • Fax: 943 364 121
  • E-mail: ingenieria@itarigroup.com

Avda. de Berriozar, 8 bajo
31013 BERRIOZAR (Navarra) SPAIN

  • Tlfno: 948 301 316
  • Fax: 943-301 371
  • E-mail: unami@unami.es

Par. Emp. BOROA 19, Of.4
48340 AMOREBIETA (Bizkaia) SPAIN

  • Tlfno: 946 545 460
  • Fax: 946 304 731
  • E-mail: administracion@bastermat.com

Pol. Artzabaltza, 3 Pab. 48-49 20400 TOLOSA (Gipuzkoa) SPAIN


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666 401 254

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