New identity

Itari is renewed and with our ever-present values a new identity is created.

Its transformation begins with the simplification of the logo, which maintains a certain visual continuity and at the same time it is endowed with a much broader color palette.


Expansion of the distribution network

ITARI expands its presence in the market with the expansion of its distribution network specially intensified in the northern part of the peninsula.


The engineering department is born

Directed by Unai Begiristain, the purpose of this department is to offer advice on the application of special alloys for maintenance welding, as well as to support companies that use welding techniques both in their processes and in their procedures to obtain the maximum quality.

 Since then, while observing and investigating, we have managed to offer a comprehensive welding service.


New facilities

We move, our facilities in Tolosa Gipuzkoa are inaugurated.

This is where our central headquarters are currently located. This new location helps us to be closer to our customers in the Basque Country and positions us as a provider of maintenance solutions for special welding.


Creation of ITARI brand.

ITARI is registered as its own brand in the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office of the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce.


The origins

The beginnings of ITARI date back to 1992 in Navarra.
It is its founder, the Gipuzkoan entrepreneur José María Beguiristain, who studies the needs of the welding and lubrication maintenance sector after many on-site visits, demonstrations and repairs at the customer’s home. With this knowledge, he decides to commercialize high quality products for the sector thanks to his service dedication.

Since its inception the objective has been to provide the customer with the highest quality products together with an excellent service.

Pol. Artzabaltza, 3 Pab. 48-49 20400 TOLOSA (Gipuzkoa) SPAIN


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